My First Feast (The Feast Bay Area Part 1)

Beforehand, I already heard this kind of gatherings by Catholic-Christians, there are Holy Mass and Praise and Worship also an Inspirational talk, there’s nothing out of the ordinary in this gathering except the last two event (Praise and Worship and Inspirational talk). Commonly if you are a Catholic Holy Mass is the usual event during Sunday and the Praise and Worship and Inspirational talk is commonly done by Christians, so, when putting these together is another one.

I decided to attend my very first Feast on July 17, out of curiousity and also the fact that I want my religion to be mine alone, not something that pass down by my parents or not that it is what expecting out of me because I am a Catholic but because it is my own way of worship.

One of my friends already attended several Feast before, that’s why I ask her to tag me along when she decided to go. She informed me that every Inspirational talk done during the event has a topic and luckily, the topic that will be tackle is Be Loved. The one wherein I have some issues of.

We arrived just on the venue just on time, but they are still a lot of people making their way toward the event place. As the usual Catholic sunday,it started with the Holy Mass, presided by a black American priest (I don’t know the name) so basically the language used in the entire Mass is English which is I preferred anyway. The Eucharist is about Martha and Elizabeth, on how different the two woman in terms of serving Jesus Christ.

The priest conveys the homily in a sense that our reality is incorporated in the Eucharist and it was delivered nicely and straight to the point with some example to give importance to some points in the Eucharist. Personally, I think this is what should be a Homily to be done with precision and incorporation and to show the value in every verse read.

After the Holy Mass is the Praise and Worship and Inspirational talk, the songs sung during the Praise and Worship is really moving it made me shiver just by listening and to know that there are still youth who spends time just to sing for the Lord made me want to join them. There are jumping, dancing, clapping and waving of the hands during these event and everyone from all walk of life or any ages is participating. I only witnesses this kind of worshipping when I attended a Christian event last year and I never expected that this was possible in an event full of Catholics.

Then the talk, it was done by Bo Sanchez, an inspiration to many, an author to some but a person to all. His talk tackled the second face of Be Loved event and it named Be whole.

Overall, it brought tears to many, smiles to some and a lesson to everyone. Before the event ended, I already decided that I am going back to it whenever I am here in Metro, this will be my Sunday habit here in a place full of everything and nothingness. This might be my first time in a Feast but definitely not the last. The Feast that day ended with a blast and it indeed is the best place in the world.


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