The Beauty Inside 2015 (Movie)

The first time I stumble this movie in the internet and read the plot, I got curious that’s why I downloaded it right away. Then there I already have a copy.

But even though I have a copy and it got my curiousity, I never watched it. It’s been in our computer for five months but I nerver dared to play or sneak a peek from it or even to read the synopsis of it in the internet.

My second older brother, copied it to his friend’s USB – I don’t know, out of boredom I guess. Then when he talked to me he said that his friend’s wife watched it and said that it was a splendid movie with a lesson and a whole package of fantasy. Even after that talked and review from others, I still never watched it, except for today.

I am bored out of my wits in my apartment so I decided I’m going to watched The Beauty Inside, good thing it’s copied in my tablet. Then I watched it while taking my lunch and goodness my lunch took 2 hours to finish, the same lenght of the movie. Hahaha!!!

I already know the plot of the movie but I was still beyond amaze to the impact it can give you.

The movie is all about a man (furniture designer and maker) that every time he wokes up he changes, not only to the personality but also to the appearance, even the voice and the functionality of all his five senses. He changes from old man, a woman, a child, a middle age man,  a foreigner and to any one. He already used to it and to his kind of lifestyle and living in solidarity and being alone, that’s his reality. But it alters when he met a young, joyfull and kindhearted sales representative in a furniture shop. They began dating eventually, but he can’t sleep because his afraid that the next time he woke he changes and never to see the woman again. He tried to stop seeing her, but the woman is still waiting for him so he decided to tell her the truth. At firts the woman is not believing him (sino ba kasi?), then E-soo (the woman’s name) gave  Woo jin ( the man) a chance to prove himself so she decided to sleep over. And there she believed everything. They continued dating and started a relationship.

The couple visited Woo jin’s mom, there the two woman began to talk and end up to an advise from Mom to not get herself hurt (E-soo), which was a mystery to  E-soo that time. The couple were really happy, even if there were gossips surrounding E-soo’s realtionship in her workplace that she is promiscous, she didn’t care. But that’s only on the outside, for E-soo was having a hard time, she didnt’ get enough sleep, always stress and mostly afraid to Woo-jin and herself. She bottled it up inside that took a toll on her body resulting to memory loss and dizziness. She get a talk with a psychiatrist about what’s inside of her and the doctor advises to stop seeing Woo jin.

She was persistent and not taking the advise wholeheartedly, until she break down and collapse. Woo jin takes her to the hospital and there he gets to know the truth, about her getting pills and her seeing a psychiatrist and all her fears. He went to talk with his mother, whom lately he is not regulary seeing (for he was caught up in his relationship with E-soo), and he knows the truth to his condition and his past.

His father is like him also, changes every time he wakes up. For Mom loves his Dad, they married but one day when Mom wokes up his Dad disappear, Mom not knowing to which person her husband changes into she started searching and find him. But that incident changes everything to Mom, everytime she’s sleeping she fears the next morning, for everytime she looks to her husband face she saw a stranger and she fears that she can’t remember who her husband was. And like E-soo she too, take pills to keep the emotions at bay. But that led the Dad to disappear permanently. Mom said to Woo jin “I love him but I gave him the meaning to leave me. She will be alright as long as you two are not together.”

When E-soo was out of the hospital and  fine already, Woo jin take her home and while on the way to E-soo’s house, he broke up to E-soo and said “Stop taking the pills, okay”

Ten months later, everything is back to normal, so it seems. E-soo is beyond fine, working already in the furniture shop, taking exercise and living. When she caught a news regarding a furniture maker and designer in Czech Republic, and when she saw the pictures of the furniture, she stop in utter disbelief. The next day, she ask Woo jin’s friend about Woo jin and she receives nothing from the guy, until she saw a package from Czech and stating to herself “Czech Republic. That’s so far.” When she was entering tha furniture shop (where she was working) she met a man listening to a music, the same music Woo jin and she were listening to and there she cried. She then realized that, yes, she have many fears  but the worse is living without him.

A man is showing making furniture when he hears his doorbell rings, when he opened it, there is E-soo, asking if is there was a man named Woo jin living there,the man cut her off stating that she must be mistaken but E-soo persuade the man that she came from a furniture shop in Korea and she’s interested to see the inside of the workplace. Eventually that man is Woo jin, and by the looks and feels of it, his taken aback when he sees E-soo. He went to the kitchen to make some tea, when E-soo held his hand a called out his name, and saying that she is fine now. But Woo jin states that, she will be sick again, then E-soo counter him by saying “Yeah, I may get sick again but living without you is the worse.”

The last scene, is the two walking hand in hand, and E-soo proposing marriage to Woo jin, then Woo jin takes out a ring box made out of wood and slips the handmade ring in E-soo’s hand, then E-soo damanding a proper proposal but instead she receives a kiss while
Woo jin is alternating from person to person. The end!! 🙌🙌🙌🙌

Post credit scene, Mom is talking to an old man, talking about her fears for their son to becoming like him and fears that led her to forget about him. Then the old man (Woo jin’s Dad), says “I know. I always watching you from afar.” Mom smiles, and said “I knew it, too, I could feel you were there. I am not afraid of being hurt anymore. But another thing scares me. What if something happens to you while ypur drifting away from me. Then we would be done without having been together with each other. Can you just be with me?” Then they held hands, showing their rings.

First thing first, the whole movie is a new story. I never seen any with the same plot and same twist like that. True, that every movie has a lesson on it but it is the first time that the lesson were put inside a movie like the movie were happening in a reality, although, the movie’s story is far from the reality.

Let me elaborate, the setting is in a modern time which is the reality, cellphones, laptops, Apple, everything but there are scenes in the movie where Woo jin will use pencils and rulers to sketch no Photoshop or any drawing applications in the computer or he uses a hammer, katam, skwala in measuring the size or softening the surface of the furniture he do, not modern machines used in doing the same thing. This shows that even all our reality is run by computer there are still people which are still untouched by technology in the way they live or do. The lesson from this, that we must not be dependent on the available technology that surrounds us. That we can still live, even though we dont’t have gadgets, machines and the like to do all our bidding. Yes, these things can easier things up, but it rubs us the knowledge of fulfillment everytime we finish a task that is made out of our own effort and time and the enjoyment it can give you while doing it. Woo jin was shown as fulfilled and enjoying what he does at the beginning of the movie even though his alone, that is because he knew that whoever bought that furniture he make will use it and he enjoys doing it, putting piece by piece together, measuring and getting some wounds on the process but at least he is enjoying.

Second, when he met E-soo. Even how content and fulfilled he is in his life, he realized that there’s still missing, that is to fall in love and he came across to this realization when he met and fell in love to E-soo. Everyone of us is like that, we kept saying to ourselves that we were fine to be alone, that we were already used with our lives or that there’s nothing we can ask for because we were happy and content but it will change and reality hits us and slap the truth to us that there’s still something inside of us wanting – wanting to be loved and to be cared – wanting to do something other than what we do – wanting to experience things we never experience before. These emotions is always inside of us. No matter how perfect and organised your life is or no matter how well loved you are as a person by your family and friends, these wants we have is still there, lurking and wanting to resurface for them to be fulfilled and acknowledge. Then you will meet someone or something that made you realized that there’s more to life than what you see and experience. Just like Woo jin, E-soo made him acknowledge that there’s more to his life than his solidary way of living and she made him accept that there’s more he wanted in his life. But it’s not an easy feat for him, because at first his afraid to face let alone to acknowledge that such emotion exist in him so he battled with himself to gain control of his life and emotions. But he lost, knowing that such struggles is futile and gradually accepts that yes, he needs someone and that when he admit it his starting to change his own way of living.

Just like Woo jin, we never admit to ourselves that there are things and people we want in this world. Because knowing that we accept  that emotion questions the very core of our way of living and that made all of us stuck in the middle, torn between accepting and declining.

For all of us were living a normal life, to some it seems broken but to others it is the way it should be. We have family that loves and accepts us, friends that accompanied us, things that make our lives comfortable, we dream and live – that’s how it is to most of us, nothing more nothing less. But if one time you happen to come across a certain individual and that person elicit something inside of you that you never knew. What will you do?? Others will run away, because of fear – others will just ignore, categorizing that such is just normal but others will be curious and explore more and when they explore more, they will know that they exploring more of themselves. Every person that we met lives a footprints in our lives, even if it is good or bad, and as we met those persons we gradually understand ourselves and changes the way of our thinking and brought a huge mark on our lives. And that is what we treasure the most, those persons, that brought up such emotions that leads to such changes. Do not be afraid, such is a great privileged anyone can have because others will trade anything on there account just to have such treasured persons. You must be greatful if you already have such treasured moments, accepting if youre in the middle of it right now and hopefull for that very moment to happen to you if your still not experiencing it.

Third, when E-soo accepts Woo jin’s case. That’s how should relationship goes, pure acceptance and love. Relationship is not solely based on appearance but to what person he/she inside, that must be the greatest requirement. You must accept the person not only for the good side but also for the bad, because when you decided to enter in the relationship it’s a whole package, you can’t get the other without the other one. I know it’s hard to see past the others wrong but just like E-soo give them the chance to prove that their worth what you can freely give. Then when you knew that they really is deemed worth it, that’s when you can truly say to yourselves that you are lucky to meet such person and let alone be your partner.

Fourth, when Woo jin didn’t know that E-soo is hurting herself because of him. This happens because Woo jin is so caught up in his happiness forgetting that E-soo is also part of the equation, so he didn’t notice that E-soo is just keeping a facade of being happy when in truth she’s shattering inside. Most of the time, people, us, where like Woo jin, only thinking of what’s beneficial to us not taking into consideration that there are people who were hurting in the process. Naturally, people were selfish, but when your in a relationship, being selfish is not an option and never will be. You must think as a group with only one goal, that is, both of you must attain happiness in each others company. If that is not one of the reasons that both of you have in the relationship, so why in it in the first place? Being in a relationship must bring out the goodness in you,even if you your self is not believing that you have such capacity, your partner must be the one to push you in such state and you in return. So why keeping the relationship going if your alraedy on the edge of yourself and the solution you have just to keep moving is by making yourself hurt?? If the relationship is worth the hurt, then keep going, but also tell your partner what’s eating you inside. E-soo didn’t tell Woo jin what’s her fears are because she knows that Woo jin is already happy just by her being on his side. Well, I must say E-soo is considerate to Woo jin but bottling up all of it inside has a disadvantage and this will affect the two – you that is hurting and the other that is feeling guilty because of too much happiness he feels he forgot to really look at E-soo. Relationship is two way, give and take , if your taking too much what left’s for him/her? and if your giving too much what’s left for you? It’s just a matter of conversation, a real one, tell each other what’s the problem and the two of you will think a solution. Time is also into consideration for every relationship, give each other time to be with others that way your giving each of you freedom to your other aspect in life, your relationship is not only what’s important there are other things as well.

Fifth, when Woo jin breaks up with E-soo. Letting go of your most treasured and loved person is the bravest thing you can do that person. It truly shows how you deeply cherished him/her. How can you be with someone, knowing that you’re the reason behind the tears and fears?? Woo jin knows that if he continue to hold on to E-soo, his breaking her apart and that’s no what he likes. He fell in love to a cheerfull person and that’s what he wants still and knowing that he grafually changes her give him the reason to let go. Continuing to be in each other even knowing that there’s something wrong, is the gravest mistake you can commit.

Space and distance is the best gift you can give to your partner, because through this, both of you will better understand what you trully like in your relationship. Breaking up and letting go is not only parting but the lessons it accompanied in every goodbyes, the changes that happens in every hi’s and everything in between. The aftermath of the break up solely depends on what you realized and what you feel after it, there are people that really moved on because they knows that its time for it, others were stuck, still waiting and trying even if there is no chance for the second chance but there are some that were back together knowing that it really is the right choice. And once your back together, both of you already knows what you like in your relationship and this time every fears and tears will be going to face and shared together.

Lastly, is all about fears of getting hurt. Mom and E-soo both experience that and the result is they giving their loved ones reason to leave, but they overcome it and win back what was lost to them. All of us has fears, even if it’s in born or fears in the things that surrounds us, this emotion makes us human. It will affect you only when you let yourself be affected, it might stop you at one point or crushes you down, defeated and deflated. But once you overcome those fears, you felt proud to yourselves and you will say “Bring it on!!.”

Your fears will not go away, in fact it might add up everytime you face challenges and the only solution is for you to take the first step and face it, otherwise, you will asking yourself the whole time the what if’s and answering that is the most difficult thing for you can’t bring back the time and changes everything. If you have fears right now, don’t make it stop you from doing what you want instead make it a leverage to go for it and grab it. Fears are only emotions, it can beaten down by a strong mind, determination and a reason to push forward.

To wrap things up, The Beauty Inside is a package of lesson, humor, reality (??), and lessons again (hahaha). I watched this out of boredom, but I never regretted spending my two hours watching these, well, the reason must be off but the product is better.


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