Reunited at Last

Friends will always be there amidst the distance, time and anything in between.

Its been almost six months since we last see and talk to each other. Too busy to make a text message, too tired to make an appointment, too many reason to not make an effort to communicate. That’s what happen to us, so much reason and so much of anything that we tend to forget.

I consider him my male best friend. I’ve known him since our high school days, back then he was not included in my circle of friends but his been my classmate for four years and school mate for ten years. Then, everything changes when my oh-so-called friends betrayed me and stabbed me at my back.

It happen on the last quarter of our senior year in high school, though, they already talked to me just days before our graduation but the trust that they broke can’t easily be amend. During those times, I am alone, not wanted, and broken but I must held my head up high for I am not at fault in the matter. Also, those times I found somone that I’ve been giving a second glance – him.

He was aware of the situation and even though he was not part of the warring he’d been asked to take side between me and them and he choose none. He talked to me liked he knows nothing and he hang out with them like he belong.

Time slips like it owns us, graduation passed and we’re now on college. At this time, I already ended what binds me to my ex-friends, like I didn’t know them but I know what happened during those times took an impact on me. I didn’t trust so easily now, I’ve become much quite and now there is a boundary between me and and those I’ve met. But when I brake all my ties to my past there was and is that only remains and it’s him.

We continued our communication, he usually visits me at our house and hang out with my mother. We talked a lot of our problems, indiferences and we just bum around. It was like that during our college days. When one of us has birthday, we make cards that has a novella for a message and brought gifts to each other. We go out to the mall to watch movies, buy books or just to go shopping. His been my male counterpart in everything.

We have different taste in books or movies but in the end we borrow each other things. We are different in so many things, in vision in life, in our motto, in our dreams but somehow it makes us more connected and in tuned to one another. When one of us has a problem, one text or visit and we just knew it. No more talked, no more questions and no more reasons.

But when everything become so hectic and a 40 miles distance, there’s a change in us. The visits became chats, the text message to phone call, the letters to emails, the gifts to emoticons and the promises became meaningless words. Until there is a month or more that pass without communicating or we forget birthdays. Everything changes even us.

It affects us to the point that we were to blind to see. We still consider one another us friends but the we way we were before cannot be brought back now.

The last time we talked and see each other was when we celebrate my passing of the CPA board exam, it was like a rewind all over again. We talked for hours, we took tons of pictures and we hang out like before. Like there is no time and distance that happened between us, like we were the usual us. Those times were precious, a memory to keep and remember.

Then another six months passed with no communication again, well, there was, but it ended badly. We argued for real, for the first time due to our different views in life. Before, our views didn’t matter but that night, that day, it matters. We kept our pride high, I didn’t say sorry so was he. I thought thats it, no more, no more friendship between us. But I was wrong.

I don’t know who approached first, who maked the first text message, who asked out, but we did reconcile. In fact, when we meet again after six months, after that argument, no one talked about what happened, what transpired that night, we treat it like nothing happened and I guess it worked out.

He came from Quezon City, while I am just a jeep away from our meeting place. At first I want to back out, I want to sleep the day ahead, I just want to rest but I do know also that we must meet or else there’s no more chance again.

When we already do meet, we ate first in Don Henricos by the Seaside. We stayed there for almost an hour or two. Now, we talked real problems, our life struggles, our future plans. No more of the past, the ex-friends, no more of it. We do know that between those time, we grow, we mature.

After the lunch/dinner, we walked along the seaside and watched fireworks. We just enjoyed the scenery, the ambience because we do know that it will take another 6 months or more before we meet again. And last to our itinerary was to watched movie, Now You See Me 2, hahaha, the movie title itself tells our reunion though the story of the movie is totally different from us. Hahaha.

We part ways on the same spot we meet that day. During those moment, we held no promises to see each other again, we don’t talked when we will meet again, we just waved our hands, smiled and said “See you again.”

That’s when I knew I already found one of a friend that last a lifetime. We might not see each other regularly and there are times that we fought, times that our communication missed, but we do know one thing: that is whenever we need someone, we have a friend by our side. There might be some distance between us or a personal struggle but it will not stopped us to run in each other’s side if one needs to be.

Back in my high school days, I asked myself why did my ex-friends betrayed me? Why did they do that? I stumbled on the answer when I meet my friends now and when he stayed by my side, because I have to found them. I may lost hundreds of my friends then but I gain an extended family in the form of my college friends and the who stayed-him.

Everyone of us has an experience of being left behind and we do question our selves of the reason why we were left. Some were bitter and depressed that they cannot move on and fathom the gist of what happened. But lucky are those, who give loved to the wrong persons and received it from the right one. I am among those lucky person

Align yourself with people that support your growth as an individual, keep them, for you cannot find another set of individuals that not only support and accept your whole being but also an initiator of everything.

Venice Mall and The Three Ladies

In the span of three hours we (my friends and I) debated if we’re going to go out and have some fun, only to relieve some stress out of our minds and body due to work loads and most importantly to get out of our apartment (our apartment is too hot to stay even if we do have an aircon). And luckily, we reached a decision we were going out – destination – the Venice Mall, which house the famous Venice Grand Canal.

We started prepping ourselves at 2:30 pm and done by 4:00 pm I think, and as we headed out the skies seems to darken a bit signalling that a rain will be expected. But it will not stop us from our plans.

We boarded a train bound to Ayala Station, next is the BGC bus but since it’s our first time, we ask the direction to our destination, one of the bus station’s security guard entertains us, “5th Street West Route Mckinley Hill” he happily replied.

So, Venice Mall here we come!!!! 🙂

Okey, we’re already inside the bus that have placard indacating West Route, the only problem is we don’t know where is 5th Street. As the bus runs, we scanned every road signs that may be of help to us and yet no luck.

One of my friends (Ate Marlene) reads aloud one of the signs we passed by, “5th Avenue”, I heard her and read also the sign, yeah, it’s says 5th Avenue and one of the bus stop but since we’re up to a really really really good luck that time (if only you knew) 😇, we didn’t get off the bus. One of the miscalculated decision on our part. Also, where everything seems to be the start of an adventure.

We get lost!!! How lucky can we get??!! 😕

We get off to the road that states 7th Avenue, way too long if we’re going to walk back to the 5th Avenue we saw. And since we’re lost in a big City with no one knows us and with no data connection to Google Map, we try the usual and most effective way, we ask. 😉

Some guy points that we should go in that building then on the left a jeepney will going to pass by that will take us to our destination. And so we did. We’re now waiting for the jeep that states, Gate 3, and we proved that we’re really lucky because every jeep that will pass that road were already full. We opt for taxi and still no luck. Then, we waited and waited and waited and waited until it’s already 5:30 pm.

Gosh!! We waited for good 30 minutes!!  (Panicmode alert 😨) We really doomed!!

Then when we are all panicking on what to do an accident happen at the nearby crossing, a motorcycle vehicle screach throwing it’s driver. An emergency ambulance arrived and meddlesome individuals helped or gossips? Which of it?? I don’t know. One thing is for sure the three of us is included in the ‘usisera’,. Hahaha

We ‘usi’ the scenes and reason for the accident, then we forgot that we’re waiting for a jeep. Jaja spotted a jeep that is not full but it’s to far from us though it is in full stop because of the traffic light, but we did not take another chance, we run for our dear life just to make it in time for the jeep. And that’s the first time I run for jeep alone. 😱 So embarassing!!!!

We manage to arrive in Mckinley Hill in one good shape. Thanks God!! Then we walk a good 50 meters?? to arrive in Venice Mall. The Mall is still under construction and some shops was still not open but it’s open to take a tour, to picture or eat to some open restaurant.

Inside the Mall, you really do feel that you’re in Venice, Italy (but I think the REAL Venice is more than these). There is the famous gondola along with singer to serenade the passengers, the heart lock which is widely known for lovers, a tenor musician that entertains the passerby and a whole lot scenery to take picture of.

We took lots and lots of pictures inside the mall until past 6:00 pm. Everyone can go around the Grand Canal in only a matter of 15 minutes (cause the lenght of it is not that long), but if your’e a fun of taking time to LOOK at the scenery – really LOOK at it – well, it took more time than the usual. You can see different places to view the Canal depend in everyones’ perspective. And it’s up to you to enjoy it or not.

After enjoying the view (and walking around and above the Grand Canal), it’s time to taste the food. There are different restaus and fast foods to choose – from asian cuisine, to italian, to filipino, to light eaters, coffee lovers, steaks and meats lover, up to foods in the convenience store – any thing. But the three of us decided to taste asian cuisine – more especifically Japanese food (for where I am fond of).

At first we thought that the serving is only little, that we’re not going to be full but it’s only in the presentation cause the cuts and the different side dishes and desserts can make you hate to eat anymore for the next couple of days. Funny to think that WE’RE going to hate to eat. Hahaha.

It’s already more or less 8:00 pm when we decided to go home, and the facade of the Venice Mall is beautiful at night because of the lightnings that illuminates it’s structure. And of course we took pictures of it.

After everything (mind you, the walk back to the jeep station is not an easy task, with path that slopes down and up, an aching legs and stomachs full, it takes a willpower to go 😦😦😧😧), we manage to catch our ride back by jeep bound to MarketMarket or SM Aura and another one to Ayala or Edsa and from then train to Taft Station then a good walk for mere 15-20 minutes.
Apartment bound at last!! 🏢🏢🏢😁😁😁😁😁🙌🙌🙌


At the end of the day, after a hot-half-day at the apartment, the exodo in the train station, lost moment when riding a jeep, an accident (though we’re not involved just a mere ‘usisera’ :):)), the Mall (everyting we do inside of it) and the ride back, it still worth all the trouble. Especially when you have someone (friends, family or lover) whom you can share the adventures, the moments and a mountain of laughter and smiles, it’s all that’s matter.

Looking back, we’re not really going out for thousands of reason – weather is not good, tired at work, no lunch and breakfast yet, lazy prepping ourselves and many more, even when at the middle we want to back out and just go home – but we choose to go and continue for only one reason – to enjoy. And that’s what we do and we get. We gain memories, bonds, lessons?? (Yeah, definitely!!!), and tons of pictures to look back for and reminisce the story not for the heck of it but for smiles IN IT. 😌☺☺☺☺