God’s Not Dead 2

After the success of God’s Not Dead here comes the part 2 – the-oh-so-not-part2. It literally isn’t part 2 but some of the characters in the first movie will make an appearance in this movie and some names will be mentioned.


The story revolves around a high school teacher being condemned because of her faith. Her battle to proved her innocence and at the same time being pushed down beacause she is a Christian.

The summary being provided is a vague one but when you watched the movie you will know words isn’t enough to convey the movie’s message.

Being condemned because of what you believe is not new to any of us, it happens all the time but when faith is the subject matter of this ill-will feeling it became a phenomenon; an issue. Beacuse for once,we all know that many of us already stopped believing; believing in the truth and in Jesus Christ.

The movie conveys three things, first, the power to speak the truth.

During the duration of the movie, Ms. Grace Weasley (the teacher) was being tied down to not spoke of the truth, she was being pressured and terrorized by the court to deny her faith. Almost everyone around her adviced to follow the court but she choose to speak what is right. And because of this, she lost everything, her work, friends and even finincially. But she holds on until the last minute.

The truth shall set you free. A renown saying but often forgotten or ignored. This is one of the message of the movie. Everyone of us is afraid of the truth, yes, it will brought us to light but along the way it can also brought pain. We will be challenge by the basic question, what is the truth?

Christians often faced that question. Is what you believe the truth?  Does Jesus really is the way, the truth and the life? Does the word of God will be upon us until the end of the world? And many other that questions the genuineness of what they believe. But during this trial, this presecution does it stop the Christians to say what is the truth? The answer simply is no. It will not and it will not be.

Don’t be afraid to speak. Speak only of what you believe is the truth and yes, it might brought hardships on you but also it will definitely set you free. With this mind set the Christians is not afraid to stood and spoke, to tell those who questions their beliefs that Jesus Christ is their (our) saviour and redeemer. That He is the way, truth and life and no one come to the Father except through Him. (John 14:6) Believer of Christ already experience hardships and faced many persecutor but in the end they find the light and they find Jesus.

The second message of the movie is to stood your ground.

Once you know the truth and speak of it, don’t back down. Others will convince you that it is wrong, a lie, but do not falter. Always remember that once you believe from the start, you must believe upto the last.

Ms. Grace’s attorney/ representative to the court at first can easily be swayed, he wants an easy way out, even he, wants Ms. Grace to deny her faith to stop the proceedings. But, when Ms. Grace doesn’t back down and insist what is the truth, Tom (the attorney) fought alongside his client even up to the last minute. The time when he believe that his client tells the truth, also the time he commit himself to represent what is the truth to the court and to their persecutor.

Speaking of the truth is a tough decision but to defend it is another one. All Christians speak of the truth but some when being questioned wants a way out. If you are Christian, you know what is the truth about Jesus Christ and you must let the world to know it. Some may question your beliefs but you must stay strong, strong enough to defend what is right and to spread the world of the Lord. Yes, it is not easy and never will be, even the Lord also states “And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake: but he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.” (Mark 12:13)

There will come a time at the middle of the battle that you yourself will question God, for what has transpired the situation, what went wrong,why you among all others, too many whys but too little answer. You feel like God isn’t answering, that He left you when He must help you through out the battle, to the point that you didn’t feel His presence. But little did you know that He was their all along, silently watching, as my favorite line in the movie “the teacher always stays quiet during the exam”. Because during the times when too many people persecutes you to the point you almost can’t stand in front of them, God also was testing you, if you will abandon your belief and the truth just to make your life easy or to fight back and shout to everyone what is the truth. When you already know what you are goint to do, that is when God answer your prayers. Let God guide your life, through and through.

The last message of the movie is God’s not Dead, He is truly alive.

Truth will show you the way, you might stumble and fall along the way but if you do know where you are standing and what you are fighting, the hardships and struggles were worth it.

Christians know and received the word of the Lord, they were living with It. But it is also your (our) job to spread the Word of the Lord by any other means. Let others know that Jesus is residing within every one of us, even if we are the most hateful human alive, we are still blessed and loved by our God. Spread the word that God is alive, He is not a character out of an outdated book but He is truly in here, in our life, in everything around us, in every person we meet, He is within our reach.

After so many battles and struggles and you pull it through,give thanks to those persons that help you along the way, those who supports you and guide you but most especialy to the Lord above for giving you the gift of wisdom and courage to survive and face your trials. Shout and praise Him, because He deserved all of it. 

God is alive.That is the greatest truth we received, and it is also the greatest battle we are facing. Let the world know it and let them be your judge but let God be your ground because after all He is all that matters.

God’s Not Dead. He’s Surely Alive!

Be Loved: Be Whole (The Feast Bay Area Part 2)

I attended my very first Feast last July 17, 2016 and the topic at that time is Be Loved: Be Whole. The talked was done by Bo Sanchez, his talked revolved around a verse, the thought of it is, Jesus Christ is like a treasure in a field that was known because you tripped along the way and when you see the treausre you throw away everything and bought that field.

When we read verse without comprehension and understanding it only mean simple things that is irrelevant in our life but if you connect it to our everyday life you see how amazing that verse is. Bo share his time when he accepted Jesus at the age of 12 and all thing that happen to him when he throw away everything to be with Jesus.

I too already accepted Jesus Christ as my saviour when  I was already 19, almost too late for realization but better be late than sorry. At that time I am emotionally unstable, I felt all alone when I have my family and friends. Like nobody is listening to me because they didn’t simply care. I have too many burden at that time in family, study and some issues in everything that I decide to just run away from home, stop studying and rebel against everyone. I cried almost every night asking myself why this, why that.

At that time, my parents is busy and too focus with their one year old grandchild, that me as their youngest child they almost forgot. Before I have my niece, I have their attention, care and love, they listen to what I have to say my problems at school, my dilemmas and troubles but it changes when my niece arrives, I feel like she grabs everything from me. I became bitter to any one, I stop talking about my problems to them until I stop talking nonetheless, I stop coming to dinner, I go home late at night, I begin to think to move to an apartment just to not see them and I started giving them hints that I might die or something like that. Even my friends is not helping my parents when they asked them what was happening because I also stop talking to them, I laugh and smile that’s given but I didn’t give them a hint that there was something wrong.

This continued until, I get myself sick, I was dignosed with an anemia (not life threatening), too much stress, not enough sleep and food intake. Amidst all of these, they never asked me what happened, the reason, I was only waiting for the question for me to confide but it didn’t happen. I just bottled it up inside of me, I cry everynight just to ease the pain, I laught too hard just to stop my mind by asking myself the whys. It continued until my grades to one of my accounting subject dropped and I might be removed in the program if I didn’t pass the remedial exam. I was thinking at that time to just give up, what’s with trying too hard when everything else crumpled. But I took the remedial exam even though I was already prepared to fail at that time.

My parents has no idea that I almost flunk my subject and be removed as an accounting student, they also didn’t know the remedials, the cries we did to our accounting professor just to pass us. No. None. I said to myself why did they have to know, they didn’t care anyway. My friends pass that particular subject and moving to the next semester but me, I am stucked, that’s why I felt more alone than before.

Until one of my high school friends gived me a table figurine with a bible verse for my upcoming birthday, the verse is Jeremiah 29:11, it became my life verse since then. Then I realized that all this time I am not alone. November 27, 2013, when I accepted Jesus Christ as my saviour and the Father as my God, I cried during my personal acceptance. When I accepted Him, I also accepted the fact that I am not the sole receiver of my parents affection that I must share them with my niece and future nieces and nephews and I accepted my fate if I will be removed from the program it is by God’s plan in me. I throw away everything that day, my anxiety, my troubles, my happiness and especially my life to My Father and My Saviour. I make Them my everything in my world full of nothingness. When I do that, everything changes.

I passed my remedial exam, I can still continue with the progrm along with my friends. I got a time to talked with my parents, tell them what transpired my behaviour the last few months, also I updated them what happens in school, at first they were bewildered that such things happened but they just listen and that’s what I want. Now, everything was fine, never perfect but we talked things, we solved things as a family, we do fight a lot, we share cry, smiles and laughs – it was not a perfect family because it will be booooring but it is what we all needed the normalcy of everything. Also, I passed my board exam, I do have a title now and a work in one of the known company in the country.

I still have a long way to go in terms of many aspects of life but I know that I already found the treasure everyone is looking for, and I put that treasure in everything. I am once been broken and alone, tripped and afraid to stand again, not felt the loved those around me have for me but in those time when I felt it all at once, I found the very source of everything and He made me whole, He helped me in my fights and He loved me from my very core. When everything didn’t matter anymore in this world when I am a nobody, He became my guide, my support, my companion, my friend, my lover and eventually He became my God. I am loved and I am whole, so everyone of you, always remember “You are Loved”.

My First Feast (The Feast Bay Area Part 1)

Beforehand, I already heard this kind of gatherings by Catholic-Christians, there are Holy Mass and Praise and Worship also an Inspirational talk, there’s nothing out of the ordinary in this gathering except the last two event (Praise and Worship and Inspirational talk). Commonly if you are a Catholic Holy Mass is the usual event during Sunday and the Praise and Worship and Inspirational talk is commonly done by Christians, so, when putting these together is another one.

I decided to attend my very first Feast on July 17, out of curiousity and also the fact that I want my religion to be mine alone, not something that pass down by my parents or not that it is what expecting out of me because I am a Catholic but because it is my own way of worship.

One of my friends already attended several Feast before, that’s why I ask her to tag me along when she decided to go. She informed me that every Inspirational talk done during the event has a topic and luckily, the topic that will be tackle is Be Loved. The one wherein I have some issues of.

We arrived just on the venue just on time, but they are still a lot of people making their way toward the event place. As the usual Catholic sunday,it started with the Holy Mass, presided by a black American priest (I don’t know the name) so basically the language used in the entire Mass is English which is I preferred anyway. The Eucharist is about Martha and Elizabeth, on how different the two woman in terms of serving Jesus Christ.

The priest conveys the homily in a sense that our reality is incorporated in the Eucharist and it was delivered nicely and straight to the point with some example to give importance to some points in the Eucharist. Personally, I think this is what should be a Homily to be done with precision and incorporation and to show the value in every verse read.

After the Holy Mass is the Praise and Worship and Inspirational talk, the songs sung during the Praise and Worship is really moving it made me shiver just by listening and to know that there are still youth who spends time just to sing for the Lord made me want to join them. There are jumping, dancing, clapping and waving of the hands during these event and everyone from all walk of life or any ages is participating. I only witnesses this kind of worshipping when I attended a Christian event last year and I never expected that this was possible in an event full of Catholics.

Then the talk, it was done by Bo Sanchez, an inspiration to many, an author to some but a person to all. His talk tackled the second face of Be Loved event and it named Be whole.

Overall, it brought tears to many, smiles to some and a lesson to everyone. Before the event ended, I already decided that I am going back to it whenever I am here in Metro, this will be my Sunday habit here in a place full of everything and nothingness. This might be my first time in a Feast but definitely not the last. The Feast that day ended with a blast and it indeed is the best place in the world.