God’s Not Dead 2

After the success of God’s Not Dead here comes the part 2 – the-oh-so-not-part2. It literally isn’t part 2 but some of the characters in the first movie will make an appearance in this movie and some names will be mentioned.


The story revolves around a high school teacher being condemned because of her faith. Her battle to proved her innocence and at the same time being pushed down beacause she is a Christian.

The summary being provided is a vague one but when you watched the movie you will know words isn’t enough to convey the movie’s message.

Being condemned because of what you believe is not new to any of us, it happens all the time but when faith is the subject matter of this ill-will feeling it became a phenomenon; an issue. Beacuse for once,we all know that many of us already stopped believing; believing in the truth and in Jesus Christ.

The movie conveys three things, first, the power to speak the truth.

During the duration of the movie, Ms. Grace Weasley (the teacher) was being tied down to not spoke of the truth, she was being pressured and terrorized by the court to deny her faith. Almost everyone around her adviced to follow the court but she choose to speak what is right. And because of this, she lost everything, her work, friends and even finincially. But she holds on until the last minute.

The truth shall set you free. A renown saying but often forgotten or ignored. This is one of the message of the movie. Everyone of us is afraid of the truth, yes, it will brought us to light but along the way it can also brought pain. We will be challenge by the basic question, what is the truth?

Christians often faced that question. Is what you believe the truth?  Does Jesus really is the way, the truth and the life? Does the word of God will be upon us until the end of the world? And many other that questions the genuineness of what they believe. But during this trial, this presecution does it stop the Christians to say what is the truth? The answer simply is no. It will not and it will not be.

Don’t be afraid to speak. Speak only of what you believe is the truth and yes, it might brought hardships on you but also it will definitely set you free. With this mind set the Christians is not afraid to stood and spoke, to tell those who questions their beliefs that Jesus Christ is their (our) saviour and redeemer. That He is the way, truth and life and no one come to the Father except through Him. (John 14:6) Believer of Christ already experience hardships and faced many persecutor but in the end they find the light and they find Jesus.

The second message of the movie is to stood your ground.

Once you know the truth and speak of it, don’t back down. Others will convince you that it is wrong, a lie, but do not falter. Always remember that once you believe from the start, you must believe upto the last.

Ms. Grace’s attorney/ representative to the court at first can easily be swayed, he wants an easy way out, even he, wants Ms. Grace to deny her faith to stop the proceedings. But, when Ms. Grace doesn’t back down and insist what is the truth, Tom (the attorney) fought alongside his client even up to the last minute. The time when he believe that his client tells the truth, also the time he commit himself to represent what is the truth to the court and to their persecutor.

Speaking of the truth is a tough decision but to defend it is another one. All Christians speak of the truth but some when being questioned wants a way out. If you are Christian, you know what is the truth about Jesus Christ and you must let the world to know it. Some may question your beliefs but you must stay strong, strong enough to defend what is right and to spread the world of the Lord. Yes, it is not easy and never will be, even the Lord also states “And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake: but he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.” (Mark 12:13)

There will come a time at the middle of the battle that you yourself will question God, for what has transpired the situation, what went wrong,why you among all others, too many whys but too little answer. You feel like God isn’t answering, that He left you when He must help you through out the battle, to the point that you didn’t feel His presence. But little did you know that He was their all along, silently watching, as my favorite line in the movie “the teacher always stays quiet during the exam”. Because during the times when too many people persecutes you to the point you almost can’t stand in front of them, God also was testing you, if you will abandon your belief and the truth just to make your life easy or to fight back and shout to everyone what is the truth. When you already know what you are goint to do, that is when God answer your prayers. Let God guide your life, through and through.

The last message of the movie is God’s not Dead, He is truly alive.

Truth will show you the way, you might stumble and fall along the way but if you do know where you are standing and what you are fighting, the hardships and struggles were worth it.

Christians know and received the word of the Lord, they were living with It. But it is also your (our) job to spread the Word of the Lord by any other means. Let others know that Jesus is residing within every one of us, even if we are the most hateful human alive, we are still blessed and loved by our God. Spread the word that God is alive, He is not a character out of an outdated book but He is truly in here, in our life, in everything around us, in every person we meet, He is within our reach.

After so many battles and struggles and you pull it through,give thanks to those persons that help you along the way, those who supports you and guide you but most especialy to the Lord above for giving you the gift of wisdom and courage to survive and face your trials. Shout and praise Him, because He deserved all of it. 

God is alive.That is the greatest truth we received, and it is also the greatest battle we are facing. Let the world know it and let them be your judge but let God be your ground because after all He is all that matters.

God’s Not Dead. He’s Surely Alive!

The Beauty Inside 2015 (Movie)

The first time I stumble this movie in the internet and read the plot, I got curious that’s why I downloaded it right away. Then there I already have a copy.

But even though I have a copy and it got my curiousity, I never watched it. It’s been in our computer for five months but I nerver dared to play or sneak a peek from it or even to read the synopsis of it in the internet.

My second older brother, copied it to his friend’s USB – I don’t know, out of boredom I guess. Then when he talked to me he said that his friend’s wife watched it and said that it was a splendid movie with a lesson and a whole package of fantasy. Even after that talked and review from others, I still never watched it, except for today.

I am bored out of my wits in my apartment so I decided I’m going to watched The Beauty Inside, good thing it’s copied in my tablet. Then I watched it while taking my lunch and goodness my lunch took 2 hours to finish, the same lenght of the movie. Hahaha!!!

I already know the plot of the movie but I was still beyond amaze to the impact it can give you.

The movie is all about a man (furniture designer and maker) that every time he wokes up he changes, not only to the personality but also to the appearance, even the voice and the functionality of all his five senses. He changes from old man, a woman, a child, a middle age man,  a foreigner and to any one. He already used to it and to his kind of lifestyle and living in solidarity and being alone, that’s his reality. But it alters when he met a young, joyfull and kindhearted sales representative in a furniture shop. They began dating eventually, but he can’t sleep because his afraid that the next time he woke he changes and never to see the woman again. He tried to stop seeing her, but the woman is still waiting for him so he decided to tell her the truth. At firts the woman is not believing him (sino ba kasi?), then E-soo (the woman’s name) gave  Woo jin ( the man) a chance to prove himself so she decided to sleep over. And there she believed everything. They continued dating and started a relationship.

The couple visited Woo jin’s mom, there the two woman began to talk and end up to an advise from Mom to not get herself hurt (E-soo), which was a mystery to  E-soo that time. The couple were really happy, even if there were gossips surrounding E-soo’s realtionship in her workplace that she is promiscous, she didn’t care. But that’s only on the outside, for E-soo was having a hard time, she didnt’ get enough sleep, always stress and mostly afraid to Woo-jin and herself. She bottled it up inside that took a toll on her body resulting to memory loss and dizziness. She get a talk with a psychiatrist about what’s inside of her and the doctor advises to stop seeing Woo jin.

She was persistent and not taking the advise wholeheartedly, until she break down and collapse. Woo jin takes her to the hospital and there he gets to know the truth, about her getting pills and her seeing a psychiatrist and all her fears. He went to talk with his mother, whom lately he is not regulary seeing (for he was caught up in his relationship with E-soo), and he knows the truth to his condition and his past.

His father is like him also, changes every time he wakes up. For Mom loves his Dad, they married but one day when Mom wokes up his Dad disappear, Mom not knowing to which person her husband changes into she started searching and find him. But that incident changes everything to Mom, everytime she’s sleeping she fears the next morning, for everytime she looks to her husband face she saw a stranger and she fears that she can’t remember who her husband was. And like E-soo she too, take pills to keep the emotions at bay. But that led the Dad to disappear permanently. Mom said to Woo jin “I love him but I gave him the meaning to leave me. She will be alright as long as you two are not together.”

When E-soo was out of the hospital and  fine already, Woo jin take her home and while on the way to E-soo’s house, he broke up to E-soo and said “Stop taking the pills, okay”

Ten months later, everything is back to normal, so it seems. E-soo is beyond fine, working already in the furniture shop, taking exercise and living. When she caught a news regarding a furniture maker and designer in Czech Republic, and when she saw the pictures of the furniture, she stop in utter disbelief. The next day, she ask Woo jin’s friend about Woo jin and she receives nothing from the guy, until she saw a package from Czech and stating to herself “Czech Republic. That’s so far.” When she was entering tha furniture shop (where she was working) she met a man listening to a music, the same music Woo jin and she were listening to and there she cried. She then realized that, yes, she have many fears  but the worse is living without him.

A man is showing making furniture when he hears his doorbell rings, when he opened it, there is E-soo, asking if is there was a man named Woo jin living there,the man cut her off stating that she must be mistaken but E-soo persuade the man that she came from a furniture shop in Korea and she’s interested to see the inside of the workplace. Eventually that man is Woo jin, and by the looks and feels of it, his taken aback when he sees E-soo. He went to the kitchen to make some tea, when E-soo held his hand a called out his name, and saying that she is fine now. But Woo jin states that, she will be sick again, then E-soo counter him by saying “Yeah, I may get sick again but living without you is the worse.”

The last scene, is the two walking hand in hand, and E-soo proposing marriage to Woo jin, then Woo jin takes out a ring box made out of wood and slips the handmade ring in E-soo’s hand, then E-soo damanding a proper proposal but instead she receives a kiss while
Woo jin is alternating from person to person. The end!! 🙌🙌🙌🙌

Post credit scene, Mom is talking to an old man, talking about her fears for their son to becoming like him and fears that led her to forget about him. Then the old man (Woo jin’s Dad), says “I know. I always watching you from afar.” Mom smiles, and said “I knew it, too, I could feel you were there. I am not afraid of being hurt anymore. But another thing scares me. What if something happens to you while ypur drifting away from me. Then we would be done without having been together with each other. Can you just be with me?” Then they held hands, showing their rings.

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